My favorite books about fishing

    Like I mentioned earlier, I now have more time to devote to books since I left the publishing industry. Since I also love camping and fishing, I hope to share my explorations into the world of books that tackle those two topics. It’s going to be an exciting ride for sure and to […]

Learning to fish for trout

  One would think there’s no shortage of literature for learning trout fly fishing by yourself. If you think so, you can’t have been more wrong. With literally hundreds of websites and books dedicated to fly fishing for trout, the novice angler could easily get overwhelmed. The confusing jumble of information could even discourage you, […]

How to dress up for fly fishing

    Upon taking up fly fishing, few anglers give too much thought to how they are supposed to dress. Most of the fishermen focus on useful equipment that might come in handy at some point or the other, but the fact of the matter is that protection from the elements and the sun is […]

Several necessities you have to have on a fishing trip

    When you are packing for a fishing trip there are several necessities that you should bring. Some things can be forgotten and you can still have a great trip, while leaving others behind could cause you to leave early. To help ensure you bring everything you need, here is a list of the […]