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Like I mentioned earlier, I now have more time to devote to books since I left the publishing industry. Since I also love camping and fishing, I hope to share my explorations into the world of books that tackle those two topics. It’s going to be an exciting ride for sure and to start off, I would like to write about my favorite books on fishing.



Following in the footsteps of St. Martin Press’ “Golden Guide” series, Fishing: A Guide To Fresh And Saltwater Fishing by George S. Fichter & Phil Francis, is a somewhat modernized version of the earlier literary work that has been around since the late 1940s. Easily one of the best all-around guidebooks for the novice fisher, the book, released in 2001, is compact and offers easy readability. One of the best things that has kept me coming back to flip along its pages is the fantastic illustrations. Perfect for those just getting their feet wet in fishing or young people simply battling the learning curve in angling, the book provides the true fundamental tenets of fishing including the proper selection of tackle and bait, identification of the various fish species and how to successfully land the fish you catch. Seasoned anglers will also find the book highly informative and useful, as it makes a great quick reference guide to help anglers fish in waters they are not familiar with.


Fifty Places To Fly Fish Before You Die by Chris Santella is nowhere near your standard fishing guide. Chris Santella takes the reader to a fantastic journey to the 50 most award winning fly fishing destinations around the world. Giving you exceptional detail using vivid description, this book can entice any peripatetic person who also loves fishing to invest in plane tickets and reservations to the most amazing fishing locations and destinations around the globe. Celebrating international angling at its best, this book offers more than just fishing guidance. It gives a huge come-on to those planning their next fishing escapade.


The Total Fishing Manual (Field & Stream): 317 Essential Fishing Skills by Joe Cermele is a well-conceptualized utilitarian and practical guide to modern day game fishing. Helping novice and seasoned anglers alike use their fishing gear optimally, the book has fantastic illustrations on its pages to really help anglers catch more fish. The 317 things in the title covers just about everything the angler needs to learn about, from baits and lures to tackle, flies and all types of equipment, along with technique, strategies and locations. Truly one of the most in-depth fishing books that you can get hooked on.


The Compleat Angler by Izaak Walton and Charles Cotton is as practical as it is inspirational. Truly one of the most well-respected fishing books on the planet, this work has been in print for more than 36 decades. It is half an instruction manual and half motivational work in presenting a global vision of how we are supposed to live in harmony with nature. This is while supporting the advocacies of sport fishing especially for sharing nature as a global community.

I would love to hear about the great fishing books you have found yourself or experienced personally, dear reader. Let this be the start of something beautifully fishy for all of us.

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