Several necessities you have to have on a fishing trip



When you are packing for a fishing trip there are several necessities that you should bring. Some things can be forgotten and you can still have a great trip, while leaving others behind could cause you to leave early. To help ensure you bring everything you need, here is a list of the items you should have on your next fishing trip.



Your rod and reel are obvious, but you’d be surprised at how many anglers forget to pack extra line and leader materials. You also want to pay attention to your selection of lures, flies and bait to make sure it is appropriate for the water conditions and the fish you are trying to catch. A small knife is another essential piece of gear that can be used in a variety of applications. If it is possible you might want to consider bringing an extra rod, but this isn’t a necessity.



Even if the weather is hot and sunny you should still bring some extra clothes. The temperature can change, and it frequently does. Not to mention there is a good chance you are going to get wet, and this alone is reason enough to bring a few extra pieces of clothing. An extra pair of socks is a necessity, even if you are wearing waterproof boots. A brimmed hat will keep the glare out of your eyes, while protecting your face from sunburn. A rainproof jacket is always recommended, at the very least it will help you stay warm when you are casting in the early morning.


Personal items

No matter what else you forget to bring, it is essential that you pack your fishing license. Forgetting this necessity will cut your fishing trip short in most states. Sunscreen is another item you won’t want to forget, along with insect repellent. Nothing can ruin a fishing trip faster than being constantly plagued with mosquitoes, gnats and other bugs. Every angler should have a small first aid kit in their tackle box, and if you don’t you will want to pack one immediately. Small cuts on your fingers and hands will occur, and treating them immediately will effectively prevent dangerous infections. A  few other personal items found in tackles boxes can include sunglasses and medications. You can even find anglers that constantly travel with a lucky charm.


In general if you bring these necessary items you will be able to relax and enjoy a fun and successful fishing trip.



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