The publisher – Who I am

Hello everyone! Welcome to my blog!


ed1Up until recently I worked at one of the major publishing houses, and it was the perfect job for me. You see I love to read and that is basically what my job consisted of. If I wasn’t reading one of the latest books, I had an advanced copy waiting for me when I had the time. Now that I no longer work in publishing I have plenty of spare time for reading, and I didn’t realize how many great books I had missed out on over the years. While I did work for one of the main publishing houses, we certainly did not have every author as our client. One book that I just finished was “All the Light We Cannot See” by Anthony Doerr. It is a stunningly well written book with a story you just don’t want to put down.


So like I previously stated I have a lot of spare time now to read, and that is one of the reasons why I decided to start my blog. I thought this would be the perfect place to share my love of books with other avid readers. I plan on posting updates on the latest novels that I’ve read and I’m hopeful that my followers will do the same. This way I’ll never have to worry about running out of books to read. Like I said earlier I’ll read almost anything so this blog will cover all genres from fantasy and romance to fiction and history.


ed2I also plan on writing about my other two passions, camping and fishing. In case you haven’t already guessed one of the reasons I enjoy these outdoor activities is that I can also read, once the campsite is set up and when the fish aren’t biting. I enjoy all types of fishing, though I have to admit that I am definitely not a skilled fly fisherman. The last time I tried fly fishing I managed to hook my vest. According to my friend that doesn’t actually count as catching anything, though since I did manage not to hook myself I still considered that trip a success. Hopefully my readers will be able to share some pointers with me so next time maybe I can actually land a small trout or other pan fish.


I really do love bass fishing and it is even better when it turns into a camping trip. I have a small camping stove that is perfect for cooking fish, and it always taste better when it is something that I caught myself. After enjoying a dinner of fresh fish, I love curling up in my tent listening to the insects chirping while I’m reading a good book.